mardi 13 octobre 2009


suivi d'un concert à 18h00
et d'un mix de Madame Patate


L'excellentissime album de DUDU GEVA: Retro Vulva 2003 enfin dans le magasin du vilain chien:

Something from the people who brought you Oso el Roto Oso is a Chilean band living in Paris, who do a really fuckeded up punk rock influenced equally by Captain Beefheart, Os Mutantes, and Caroliner. Dudu Geva is a bit weirder, winding up somewhere between (pick your) Caroliner album,
Hospitals' Hairdryer Peace and Oso el Roto. You can hear some sounds here. I am pretty sure that if you liked the Oso el Roto LP in the cardboard sleeve that I was selling last year or the more recent Dudu split with Le Club des Chats, you will like this.
Scott Soriano (SS records)

et ils seront en tournée là:

30 oct. 2009 21:00
la bascule
31 oct. 2009 21:00
1 nov. 2009 21:00
café dada bruxelles
2 nov. 2009 20:00
"carlo levi" Liege
3 nov. 2009 20:00
bruxelles? bruxelles!!
5 nov. 2009 20:00
FLEUR FINE festival den haag
6 nov. 2009 20:00
den haag fleur fine fest. den haag
7 nov. 2009 20:00
captain tavern rouen


Réédition chez SS records du disque de Él-g Tout Ploie

So….a couple years back, one of my favorite French labels – Le Villain Chien – released a single by a guy going by the name of él-g. I picked up a few – record unheard - for our mail order and when they arrived, gave one a spin. The sound was a combination of world-weary French pop and mellow psych. The record lived on the turntable for a few weeks. When the Belgian label Kraak announced it was putting out an él-g album, I said sign me up for some. I got a very small handful and offered them for sale. Of course, one found its way to the record player and what came out of the speakers was one of the best records I’d heard in quite a while. Like the 7” I previously dug, this album strode through French pop styles and dreamy psychedelia, but this thing was much better than the seven inch. It had a classic sound. I wasn’t alone in liking it. David Keenan of Volcanic Tongue called it “Ass-flatteningly great” and said it “combines the decadent French ballad style of Serge Gainsbourg with warped acid folk settings, Industrial electronics and the kinda schizophrenic approach to genre that defines much of Thierry Muller and Philippe Doray’s work.” Clive Bell at the Wire said él-g’s”freak flag is exhilarating”. And the few people who got the record from me, wrote and asked for more. After spin number 50, I said to myself, “Damn, there’s a whole lotta people on this side of the Atlantic that are gonna miss out on this demon, one of the best records of the last five years, me thinks.” So I wrote él-g and Kraak and asked if I could do an American pressing and they said “Sure good thing” and here it is. So what you get is all the above – with guest performances by the lovely Charlene Darling and Ignatz and Phil Todd of Ashtray Navigations. This edition on S.S. Records was remastered excellently by Paul Gold of Salt Mastering and has a slightly different cover and insert. And it is available at a domestic price


Quelques concerts excellents à Paris:

Vendredi 16 octobre
Le Chiquito
26 rue de Ménilmontant
Metro: Ménilmontant

Rileez partie du second disque aux éditions CARTILAGE:

CART002 : NORMAN BAMBI "You Look Good Today" & INTERNET2 "Viva La Musica!" SPLIT LP.

Mega teufé avec deux concerts de folie au Chiquito (ménilmontant) le vendredi 16 octobre.

NORMAN BAMBI (du duo Juicy Panic & Carton Park)

INTERNET2 (Barcelone)

lundi 19 octobre
@la Suite
27, rue de la Glacière
75013 M° Glacière (ou Les Gobelins)


GMACKRR (fr/q)

SÖBAK MÖDERN (fr) jazz quartet
payer ses impôts, écouter la radio...
Smiths (ou) Motörhead?
Sun Ra öu Messiaen? etc... etc...

aka Romaric Sobac, "frontman" des noiseux Cobra Matal & "membre" d'innombrables autres projets
d'impro-dada (Super Mort, Super Fenix, Oeuf Dur (L'), Suicide Motörhead...). Performiste à temps partiel
, para Fluxus:: gestuelle & accessoires.

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